Impact of Crystal Palace LTN on adjacent streets in Bromley

Volunteer evidence-gathering In stages between May and August 2020, Croydon Council has implemented a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in parts of South Norwood and Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood wards. The boundaries of the LTN are: Church Road, South Norwood Hill, South Norwood High Street, the Crystal Palace-Norwood Junction railway line, and the boundary withContinue reading “Impact of Crystal Palace LTN on adjacent streets in Bromley”

When are Main Roads, not Main Roads?

Where philosophy meets cartography Musings by Robbie Griffiths The glorious thing about defending the concept of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, is that it forces supporters to consider ever more aspects of human life in the city. So it was inevitable that philosophy should raise its head at some stage. So we have to thank HelenContinue reading “When are Main Roads, not Main Roads?”

Tests for a successful Low Traffic Neighbourhood around Auckland, Hamlet and Lancaster Roads

By Angus Hewlett We’re publishing these key tests as discussions around an amended design to the Crystal Palace LTN begin to emerge. Other suggestions for key requirements are welcome – please leave them in the comments section below. Any scheme that can meet these tests while minimising disruption for residents and essential services is oneContinue reading “Tests for a successful Low Traffic Neighbourhood around Auckland, Hamlet and Lancaster Roads”

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Disabling or enabling

Traditional thinking has tended to view the limitations on disabled people’s choices and life experiences purely as a consequence of the differences in their physical capabilities. The answer to those limitations would be to fix their physical limitations, which is, often, of course impossible, or to accept that they have to put up with more limitedContinue reading “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Disabling or enabling”

Bus gate: why not let local residents through?

There are now over 2,100 signatures to the petition which, while being supportive of the LTN, calls for the bus gate to be opened for access to local residents only. Our proposal for a better way of controlling traffic within the LTN makes it clear that the bus gate is essential to defending a safeContinue reading “Bus gate: why not let local residents through?”

Bromley & Croydon residents: join together to help design a Low Traffic Neighbourhood that works for all of us

Life must be intolerable for some of the Bromley residents in ‘Auckland Island’ who are now experiencing high levels of traffic driving through their area. There are a number of factors at play: the constriction at the end of Church Road due to the collapsed building an increase in local residential traffic seeking a wayContinue reading “Bromley & Croydon residents: join together to help design a Low Traffic Neighbourhood that works for all of us”

Crystal Palace Low Traffic Neighbourhood – theory & practice

Purpose In their Croydon’s Streetspace Improvements Programme (CSIP) Frequently Asked Questions, Croydon Council state: “The purpose of this initiative is two-fold:  To allow residents safer access to their streets enabling safe socially distanced travel, exercise and other activities.  To keep traffic on the classified road network and by doing so reduce the volume of trafficContinue reading “Crystal Palace Low Traffic Neighbourhood – theory & practice”

Local support for LTN

Here’s the view of local resident Martin Wheatley posted on Facebook There’s been a lot on here [Facebook ] recently about Croydon Council’s existing and planned changes to Auckland Road and nearby streets – of which I am a resident. With no disrespect to the views which have been expressed, and for the sake ofContinue reading “Local support for LTN”

Thought of commuting by cycle?

Why not give it a go. The chances are you will get to your destination far faster than by car. Just don’t take the main roads – too much pollution for your lungs, less safe and often slower. Latest – A fifth of Brits say they’re considering cycling to work Benefits it makes you fitterContinue reading “Thought of commuting by cycle?”

Support for Croydon Council’s plan

Dear Croydon council I live near the Auckland Rd Cypress Hill junction. The road block was fantastic – we saw our non cyclist teenagers both cycling down the streets learning the dangers in a safe way and they now want to cycle to school or walk. The whole road was jogging, chatting in front gardens,Continue reading “Support for Croydon Council’s plan”

What does Croydon Council say

This is what Croydon Council Highway Improvements Team say: Scheme background: The road closures and other measures across the borough have been installed at speed in response to covid-19 pandemic with the aim of reallocating road space to cyclists and pedestrians enabling safe, socially distanced active travel and form part of the Council’s Streetspace ImprovementContinue reading “What does Croydon Council say”